Edward MacDowell piano music online at Wellesley College

About this collection:

Music collection: This online collection reproduces the sheet music for the majority of MacDowell's character pieces for piano, most of which are not available in print anthologies of his piano music. All these works are in the public domain.

Web site information: During the production of a preservation photocopy, TIFF files were burned to CDs for us by our vendor. Each TIFF, some up to 30MB in size, represented single page of the printed music including covers, title pages and advertisements. Subsequently, these files were arranged to match the physical pages and corresponding GIFand PDF files were produced.

  • PDF File specifications: 30 files ranging from less than 1MB up to 13MB
  • GIF File specifications:
    • Thumbnail images - 150 x 232 pixels
    • Cover images - 512 x 792 pixels
    • "View" images - 512 x 792 pixels per images, individual pieces range from 2 to 25 images in length.

This web site provides access to digital surrogates of the pre-1923 Edward MacDowell piano music held by Wellesley College Music Library. The search interface provides access to the collections by title and keyword, as well as a listing of the entire collection and selected illustrated covers. Each piece of music has an image for quick viewing, a printable PDF file and a link to the Wellesley College Library online catalog.

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