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Wellesley College Library is developing a collection of resources in various digital formats to provide access and preserve many of the rare, valuable or brittle materials among the library collections. These information resources integrated with existing catalog information are developed to further support the research and teaching missions of Wellesley College.

On the current page, we have provided a few links to our existing locally-created digital resources as we eagerly develop several additional collections and exhibits. All ongoing digital library research and development at Wellesley is being done in-house by Library staff using readily available equipment and software.

We hope you find our efforts valuable.

  Internet Archive Internet Archive - Hundreds of books from the collections of the Wellesley College Library - Search Wellesley College catalogs, song books and more
  Special Collections Pre-1600 Manuscripts

The Wellesley College Library's Special Collections contain approximately 100 pre-1600 bound manuscripts and fragments, encompassing humanist, liturgical, and secular texts. Approximately one half of these are in the Plimpton Collection of Italian literature and poetry, given to Wellesley College in 1900 by Mr. George Arthur Plimpton in memory of is wife, Frances Taylor Pearsons Plimpton, class of 1884.
  Historic images database Historic Images of Wellesley College

The Wellesley College Archives Image Database provides access to campus views, sporting events, commencement, and hoop rolling images dating back to the 1800s. This is only a portion of the vast photograph collection in the Archives. Please contact the archives for higher-quality images.
  Edward MacDowell piano music online at Wellesley College

Music collection: This online collection reproduces the sheet music for the majority of MacDowell's character pieces for piano, most of which are not available in print anthologies of his piano music. All these works are in the public domain.
  Autograph letters collection Autographed letters and postcards in the Wellesley College Library's Special Collections

The Indian names of Boston, and their meaning by Eben Norton Horsford
" Read before the New England Historic Genealogical Society, November 4, 1885 [and published in the New-England historical and genealogical register, v. 40, p. 94-103]"

  Series of plans of Boston showing ways and owners of property 1630-1635-1640-1645" compiled by George Lamb
This series of plans of the Town of Boston is the result of a great amount of research, and presents in a most interesting manner the growth of the Town from the first settlement to 1645.
  125 Years of Dorm Life

A visual history of dorm life at Wellesley to celebrate the college's 125th anniversary
  Campus maps
Throughout the history of the college, maps and views have captured that "intricate beauty" while recording striking changes to the built environment. These cartographic portraits reflect the college community's evolving sense of itself and its relation to the outside world.

Books of Hours in the Wellesley College Library's Special Collections

The manuscripts were made in France and the Low Countries and date from the early 15th century to the first quarter of the 16th century.

  Resonance and response

Abridged version of the Resonance and Response exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with ABC: the Artists’ Books Conference, held at Wellesley College on June 15-18, 2005.
  Women in the Book Arts

This exhibition is designed to show the diversity of works by women book artists. The art of the book in the late twentieth century has come a long way from the artist's book of the early 1900's with traditional text and illustrations.

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